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Following the frontier's spirit of the Puritans

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Following the frontier's spirit of the Puritans who reclaimed fertile land from the barren North American continent we have made aggressive investments into the fields that others avoided, became the top player in the field and led the market We will continue to lead the international market by developing and creating new business items with the new frontier’s spirit

The experiment and research for developing new mate-rials and finding new designs are absolutely required for to create values. As only trials and errors produce truly valuable goods, we will do our best to create new values witti the progressive minds fearless of failures.
The crystal of artistic soul, the Goryeo celadon and the Joseon white porcelain. we inspire the artisan's spirit into each handbag as if the potters put their soul and passion into each ceramic. We consider handbag as a piece of art and do not call it a finished product unless we are completely and entirely satisfied with the product

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